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This website is split into three areas. There’s a bit about myself. That’s the shameless part. But I also want to give back to two industries that have helped my growth. Those being SEO and sports. One’s a learned skill that I’ve developed through the community, one’s a global phenomenon that’s been my passion for life.

If you’re here for some SEO or digital marketing knowledge, you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for a few examples on how to do sports marketing in the digital space, also the right place. The signposts are below so hopefully, you’ll find what you’re looking for.


This section is a story. A real-life story that has zero chance of hitting Hollywood. I chat about who I am, where I’ve come from, and what The Digital Sportsman actually is. If you’re looking for some background, this is where you’ll find it. I can’t promise you the most invigorating tale. But I can explain why falling into SEO is a pretty cool path, and why starting slow isn’t always a bad thing.  

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& content

This is my blog. I reckon you might like it if you like sport or marketing. Instead of focussing on the industry, or the technique, I’ve looked at the technique within the industry. Make sense? The sports industry is always pushing boundaries, always innovating with their tribal followings. That means they have clear wins and losses in the digital content space, so I look at the best examples. Examples that can be applied across the board.

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digital marketing

If you have an interest in marketing or want to get to know the basics, it pays to know digital. But where to start? Well, you could start right here! Click the button below and you’ll find the digital ecosystem explained. I’ve broken down the primary techniques, making things like search engine optimisation and PPC accessible for everyone. I hope it serves as an introduction to an ever-expanding world. 

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