who am i.

I’ve titled that like it’s some mystery, like people have been trying to work it out for years. It isn’t a mystery. If anything, I’m very open. I keep telling you my name in the hope you remember it.

I’m going to take a shot in the dark and assume your intent is to find out a bit about this site, right? Ok, here we go. I’m Nick Thompson. I work in SEO. And I create digital content. I started out at the University of Brighton. Brilliant place to learn. And relax. That was my marketing degree sorted. Digital stood out. Because digital is the here and now. And isn’t going anywhere for a long time.

That led me to my first full-time job. No disrespect to Sainsbury’s or the local corner shop. They set me up for who I am now, but my first job, my first job is where my career began.

TCC. A brilliant marketing agency in Ascot. I recommend paying them a visit, old barn conversion. Lovely.

That’s where it happened for me. Five glorious years developing my skills. I started out on social channels.

Being a fresh-out-of-uni graduate, I was creating content calendars thinking I had it nailed. I didn’t. I based them on what international day it was. I mentioned mistakes, that was one. Any social media professional worth their salt knows you’ve got to provide value to the audience, not shove pointless content in front of their eyes.

I learned from that. I developed clearer strategies, found content that worked for our client’s audiences, and went from there.

Then there were the other skills. I started writing more articles. Web authoring on projects. Creating HTML mailers from scratch. TCC gave me freedom to develop a personal digital toolkit that I doubt I would’ve got in many other places. So I thank them for that. They’re good guys.

SEO came later on. I had dabbled before. I had dabbled in PPC as well, but the data-focused approach just didn’t do it for me. My SEO-focus grew at Simplyhealth. I was employed as a Digital Content Exec, and the role evolved from there.

I get the chance to create SEO strategies. Write, design, and publish content. Deploy technical stuff. Organise page structures. It’s full-on, and fun.

And that’s me. Professionally.
Michael Schumacher quote about passion and motivation


Now you know my digital story, I’ve probably got to explain the sportsman part. It’s pretty straightforward. I love sport. I love everything about it. Getting swept up in the emotion. Understanding the mind-blowing strategies. People pushing themselves to the ultimate limit every week. What’s not to love.

That passion inspired the brand. I never had the physical attributes to make a real impact in any sport. But I can take inspiration from the professionals. Look at their dedication. Their drive. Their determination to never stop learning. You can emulate that in your life with the right attitude. It doesn’t have to be sport.

The Digital Sportsman is not just who I want to be, it’s a constant reminder to keep on going. Sports stars don’t give up, even when they achieve great things. They keep on pushing, and so can we.

So this website is my brand. It’s who I am, it’s my persona in HTML. But I don’t want to be talking about myself. I’ve done that way too much on this page. That’s why the other pages are dedicated to my interests.

You’ll find a blog for digital content in sport. I analyse the latest innovations that sports teams are making on their digital channels, what’s working, and what can be adopted across the board. Sometimes I stray from sport as well, it’s my digital knowledge in article form.

You’ll get case studies, opinions, and maybe sometimes a chat with other people who work in the digital world, people with different experiences. 

Then you have the other section, that’s the Digital Marketing Playbook. In here, I look at the digital ecosystem. There are introductions to all the disciplines, like SEO & PPC. There’s deeper knowledge with tips and tricks I’ve picked up, and lessons I’ve learnt along the way.

It’s an area for anyone with an interest in digital. For those looking to get into the digital marketing space as an entry point, or someone looking to develop their toolkit after specialising in one area.

Know one can claim to know everything, but I can share my learnings, and hopefully, you’ll share yours!  

And that is The Digital Sportsman, in words.

Enjoy the site, give me a shout if you have a question, and I’ll see you around.