If you’re just getting started in digital marketing, or you’re out here looking to boost your brand’s presence, know that marketing in the digital space is vital. Vital and hectic and fun. No one knows everything, some people are knowledgable, they’ve had successes, but the digital goalposts are always moving. You’ve just got to keep up.

Before we go into the nuts and bolts though, we’ve got to get the basics nailed. Within this article we’re going to answer: 

  1. What is digital marketing?
  2. Why do I need to do digital marketing? 
  3. Where do I start with digital?
  4. What’s next after step 1?

Read on to get some answers.

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the name given when promoting your product or service through online-based technology. This tech could be a website, an app, social media sites, search engines, or email clients. All of which will be consumed by the audience on a device such as a phone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch etc. If someone says marketing to you today, digital will be included in the conversation.

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Why do I need to do digital marketing?

Well, to start with, your audience is online. The stats are simply phenomenal. Take a look:

  • There are around 400 million active websites on the internet. [ Hosting Tribunal ]
  • Facebook has nearly 2.45 billion active users per month. [ investor.fb.com ]
  • It’s predicted 3.8 billion people will own a smartphone in 2021. [ Statista ]
  • And Google answers over 3.5 billion searches a day. [ internet live stats ]

What we can take from that list is that digital channels are going nowhere. They’re here to stay. Uses of each medium will change, but you just adapt. Another thing is that your competitors are there. If they aren’t, they will be very soon. That’s why everyone, including you, should be covering at least the basics. 

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Where do I start with digital?

Now you know the stats, you’ll be itching to get started. So where do we begin? You need a website, right? Wait, definitely need to whack up a few social channels too. Oh, and an email solution to reach all your opt-in subscribers. Probably could do with a pay per click budget as well? Ha! Woah there. Cool those jets. As I said, hectic. A whole lot is going on. Don’t panic though. What we’re going to do is take a step back. Ask yourself one thing. The answer we need before anything else…

Who is my audience?

Digital Marketing in 2020 - An online audience with their devices out
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Step 1, done. Step 2?

Once you’ve got your audience down, you’ll be able to answer other questions like what does my product/service/offering bring to the audience’s lives?, how will I find them? And then how will I talk to them? 

For me, as a marketer, marketeer, marketing person, that’s the big old target. The current and potential audience is the reason you’re doing this marketing. As soon as you’ve worked out who they are and where you feature in their lives, you’ll be able to start creating a strategy to reach them. And once you reach them, you can bring your value to the party. Don’t do anything without an audience. It’ll be like shouting into a black hole.

And that’s your introduction to digital. You now know what it is, why it’s important, and the first question to ask yourself.

Now back to this playbook. The purpose that I hope to achieve is to be a lighthouse in the storm. To shine a guiding light onto the disciplines that make up digital marketing. On each page, you’ll get a working knowledge of the tactic, a glossary for all the technical jargon and acronyms, what audiences you can reach, and some of the achievable KPIs.

I’ve touched on 7 areas that I feel make up digital marketing. Enjoy:

Chapter 1:
Back to the old school – The Website

Chapter 2:
Go organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Chapter 3:
Top of the pile Paid Search (Pay Per Click) & Digital Ads

Chapter 4:
Pillar of the community Social Media

Chapter 5:
The new normal Digital & Video Content

Chapter 6:
Boosting the ecosystem Mobile Apps

Chapter 7:
Signed, sealed, delivered Email Communications

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Ready to get started? Let’s go.